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Pellet Stove Installation in Orange County, NY


If you are in the market for pellet stove sales and installation in Orange County, NY, Jones Services Showroom is your source for quality and value. Because we have more than 20 years of experience, you can rest assured your installation will be expertly performed and you will enjoy your stove for years to come.

At Jones Services Showroom we only carry pellet stoves made by leading manufacturers, including Piezzetta, Enviro, St. Croix, and Napoleon. All of our models are made of the highest quality, ensuring reliable performance backed by our unsurpassed guarantees.

Pellet Stove Benefits

Wood pellets provide a renewable, natural source of energy because they are made from byproducts reclaimed from wood-based manufacturing plants and sawmills. Traditional wood fires require splitting, stacking, hauling and extensive cleanup, but pellets not only eliminate the need for hard work, they also provide clean, economic fuel.

You don’t have to worry about running out of room to store pellets, because they typically come in 40-pound bags that are easy to handle and require far less space than cord wood. Again, pellets are very economical, providing consistent heat and extended burn times.

Pellet Stove Features

We offer pellet stoves with systems that shake ash from the burn area and also provide automatic ignition and shut down capabilities for hands free operation. Other models provide a purge cycle that automatically clears residue from the burn pot at 60-minute intervals, as well as at start-up and shutdown.

Other features provided by many of the pellet stove models we carry include:

  • Convection blower adjustment capabilities.
  • Flashing lights that let you know when more fuel is needed.
  • Fine-tuning adjustment that alters the pellet feed rate to compensate for venting variances and/or poor quality pellets.
  • A wide range of heating capacities (from 8,000 BTUs to 40,000) so you can order the right pellet stove for your particular needs.
  • Concealed, large capacity ash pans.
  • Easy-loading hoppers that provide dozens of hours of trouble-free and continuous operation.
  • Auto ignition and auger systems that let you easily and quickly start a fire.
  • Automated, easy-to-access control panels.
  • Unbeatable warranties.


We also offer several types of accessories for many of our models, including decorative brick panels and log sets, porcelain reflective radian panels, gold-plated and satin chrome-plated trivets, and much more.

Put the experience and commitment to quality of Jones Services Showroom to work for you if you are in the market for pellet stove sales and installation in Orange County, NY.

The Jones Services Showroom Difference

Unlike some other  companies, you’ll never have to worry about calling an operator who is merely reading from a script. The same people who are in our showroom an answer our phones are the same people you will talk to on our customer support line. We will not only make your shopping experience pleasurable and easy, we will provide you with an unmatched level of customer service.